Maria Roelofs

Calvin College Research



Calvin College had created a program for Freshmen students to learn business skills. They asked Designvox to assist in reanalyzing their program to make the experience better. I worked with the research team and the team at Calvin in charge of the program. We started out the project with a workshop that went through the each section of the program and put down the touchpoints, emotions, and actions that occur at each step for each user.


In the next step, we had the Calvin team go through and point out the pain points of each section. Those post its were then organized by how great of a need it was to fix and how easy it would be to solve. We broke out into teams and focused on one issue and brainstormed ideas of how the pain point could be solved.


After the workshop, I worked on synthesizing the data and organizing the information that we had gathered. I organized the date into a digestible file for the Calvin team.