Maria Roelofs

Claim Your Campus Website



Designvox worked with Claim Your Campus to create materials for an event called Claim Your Campus 2020. We worked with CYC to create the event branding, banners, and websites. One website we created was a registration page for the event. Another website was created for a combined event with another company, See You At The Pole. The purpose of the website was to promote the partnership between CYC and SYATP and allow users to share their experiences on September 26, 2018 when they would go to their local school and pray at the flag on campus.

See website here:


We started out the project by meeting with the CYC team and gathering information in workshops. In these sessions we learned more about CYC and their goals for their event in 2020. They had brought up a desire to work with the company See You At The Pole for a combined event. After iterating ideas we came up with the solution to create a website. The website was set up to allow users to share their experience and view others’ story. We also incorporated a cross promotion to the Claim Your Campus 2020 event and would direct them to learn more about CYC and sign up for the event in 2020.

The users for this website consisted of middle school and high school age students. Secondary users included the parents of students and teachers of the schools.