Maria Roelofs




Comigo is a class project that required students to solve a problem in the world using application and experience design. The issue that I focused on was the relationship between migrant workers and farmers. Migrant workers and farmers have a difficult time initially contacting one another and staying in contact throughout the year. Comigo is an application that acts as a mediator between the two. It works as a translator and job board for the users to create better conversation, continue relationships, and start new relationships between the farmers and migrant workers. 



Since the users speak different languages, Comigo was chosen as the company name because it uses syllables from each language. The logo was designed by combining aspects of the core values, agriculture, and the name of the company.


The two different users have similar goals, including creating an account, either finding workers or finding a job, and then continuing relationships throughout the seasons.



Branding the outdoor library in the migrant worker's living quarters will create more brand awareness, along with providing them with more information on how to create an account.



Flyers used at farming conventions help spread awareness of the company and are designed to attract the farmer and cause them to download the application onto their smartphones.



The application side of Comigo is for smartphone users. They are able to get notifications and to check their account through their phone.


From researching I found that the migrant worker user does all of their shopping at Walmart. By creating advertisements for the entrance, this will inform the users that a Comigo kiosk is in the store.



The kiosk is meant for users that don't have the resources to use the smartphone application. The interface has the same functions as the smartphone.