Maria Roelofs

Senior Portfolio Review



The Graphic Design Program in the College of Business at Ferris State University hosts an annual Senior Portfolio Review event. My team and I planned, prototyped, and executed the experience for the 2016 event. Since the event is about giving feedback the logo incorporates brackets and is designed to look like a form field. This concept of receiving advice is used throughout the entire experience of the event.



The event emails that were sent gave event details and questions for recipients to respond to on Twitter. The emails also contained links to the senior portfolio review website and links to social media. When users got to the senior portfolio website they were able to view other design professionals’ quotes and were then able to go to our Twitter page to post their own responses.



Upon arriving, attendees were given a name tag to write their name and a short answer to what design is to them. The environmental designs were created to add more interaction and when leaving the review the professionals are asked to pin up their name tag up on a mounted board. As our way of saying thank you to the attendees we gave them a gift of parking cards that pay for the first two hours of parking at the Grand Rapids Downtown Market.